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Intoxicated Driver Resource Center

idrcMaryville is the chosen provider of the Gloucester County Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center. Individuals who have been found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol are mandated to attend either a 12 or 48 hour drug/alcohol education program. During the program, an assessment of their need for treatment is conducted. When a need for treatment is identified, individuals may be referred to attend a minimum of 16 drug/alcohol education groups. These individuals may be required to attend up to one year of outpatient treatment. All individuals are expected to also attend AA/NA meetings. Family members are referred to Ala-Non or Nara-Non.

For more information contact the:

Intoxicated Driver Resource Center
121 Johnson Road, Suite 4
Turnersville, NJ 08012
Phone: (856) 232-4840
Fax: (856) 227-7953
Amber Monserrate, MS, LCADC

Both Outpatient Treatment Centers are on IDRC’s Affiliate List and Can Provide Treatment Services

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