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Treatment Philosophy

philosophyMaryville believes strongly that abstinence is essential for long time recovery from substance use disorders. Since our founding in 1949, we have advocated to all our clients that the risk of experimentation with drugs and alcohol for those with substance use disorders is too dangerous to take. We have seen many people return to substance use only to pay a very high price, sometimes the ultimate price, for any experimentation or reuse of alcohol or drugs.

Our lectures and group counseling focus on several critical aspects that lead to long term recovery:

  •  How to avoid taking the first drink or drug again
  • How to avoid people, places and things that can trigger a relapse
  • How to take care of your needs: physical, mental, spiritual and psychological
  • How to resolve current problems with family, friends, employers and the criminal justice system

We cannot advocate strongly enough that we recommend involvement with 12 Step programs, such as AA, NA, etc. We believe these 12 Step programs work best for most.

While advocating 12 Step Involvement, we also know that not all clients will accept this philosophy. We will work with each individual to develop a plan that will lead to lasting sobriety.

Alcoholism and drug dependency are viewed by the professional staff as primary diseases in which an individual manifests a pathological relationship with alcohol and/or other substances. The primary goal of treatment at Maryville is continued, meaningful abstinence on the part of the substance using person. Sometimes, patients are also beset with concomitant emotional and psychiatric disorders, which need to be identified and treated with equal energy. Therefore, when indicated by history or behavior, patients are assessed for l substance use dependency as well as mental health problems.

Help For Families:
Maryville believes that chemical dependency causes complex destructive personality changes in the family. Families suffer psychologically, socially and frequently, physically. Therefore, education is offered for family members and/or significant others as part of the visiting requirements or as indicated or requested as part of the treatment plan..

Help for Patients:
The goal of treatment is to help patients achieve meaningful abstinence, leading to long term recovery.. Our clinical programs utilize the principles and philosophies of Twelve Step Programs. Maryville also believes that the delivery of treatment must be specifically oriented toward the gender, age, sexual orientation, and culture of each patient. Treatment components are provided in the most gender-specific, culturally sensitive, and age appropriate settings as possible.

We believe that treatment works best when patients are motivated and involved in their treatment. Communication and sharing information pertaining to their assessments and treatment options facilitates comprehension, understanding and elicits active participation in treatment. They are so informed, and their involvement is encouraged by their primary counselor, other staff, and their cohort in treatment.